NA LCS Spring 2016 Week 1-24444170236

With a heavy heart we are announcing the departure of Maria “Remi” Creveling.

Maria joined our organization back when we were Misfits, bringing a set of exceptional mechanics and playmaking ability to our lineup. From solo queue hero to a leader and teammate, Maria was an instrumental part to our LCS campaign, which began less than a year ago on the Ranked 5’s Ladder.

Statement from Maria:

The past few weeks have been really tough for me as I’ve continued to struggle with a lot of personal issues, most notably anxiety and self-esteem issues. These were amplified by playing on stage and the rigorous day-to-day of being a pro player, compounded with a lot of the stress. Because of this, I felt it was best for me to step down as the support for Renegades.

I’ve been with these guys for a long time, ever since we created the initial Misfits squad. I care a lot about them, they’ve been my family for the past year. This is why it hurts me to have to say goodbye. When we qualified for LCS, the organization was very supportive of me regardless of if I chose to continue playing after we qualified. While I felt confident coming into the split after NACS finals, it became evident to me that every day took its toll on my happiness and I didn’t anticipate how much it would affect me.

Both Renegades and Riot have been extremely accommodating and have helped me a lot in trying to deal with these issues, but as of now I think it’s best for me to work on them in a less stressful environment. First I’d like to thank sincerely my friend Chris Badawi, our manager Rob Lee, and Zac Whinnem from Riot for everything they’ve done to try and make me comfortable moving into the LCS. I’d like to apologize to my teammates because my sudden departure may negatively impact the team and I also thank them for being so supportive over the past year. I’d also like to apologize to my fans for me being unable to safely deal with my anxiety despite all of their unyielding support.

This team is very special to me and I want everyone involved to succeed. I owe a lot to Renegades, probably more than I’d ever be able to pay back. The least i can do is offer my continued support from the sidelines, so please cheer for Renegades with me.

Content with her brief LCS experience, Maria looks forward to move on with her life and explore other interests. We wish her all the very best and are proud and grateful to have taken this journey with her. She will be deeply missed.

Photo via Riot Games Flickr